What is it?

Destiny is a web-based library automation system. Students use the Destiny catalog to locate resources in their school libraries.

How can I use it to promote reading?

1. Add links to MARC records

Put Destiny to work as a Reader's Advisory tool! Add author and book websites to your MARC records to motivate your students to read. Believe it or not, it is ridiculously easy to do.

2. Add a book trailer

Did you know that you can add student (and librarian!) created book trailers to Destiny? Michelle Luhtala, author of Bibliotech.me and librarian at New Canaan High School, has created a video to show students how to accomplish this.

3. Customizing your library's home page

external image destiny-home-page.jpg
Customize your Destiny homepage by using Wix, an online website creator. Our library's Destiny homepage has library info, recommended reading, and book trailers.

How can I learn more?

My post "Dressing Up Destiny."

Alicia Vandenbroek's Wix and Destiny document can be found at her Library Campground's Handouts page.


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