What are they?

"A digital photo frame (also called digital media frame) is a picture frame that displays digital photos". (Wikipedia)

Frame sitting on our Circulation Desk.

How can I use them to promote reading?

Create PowerPoint slideshows of
  • Book Wordles
  • book covers with accompanying teaser statements
  • trivia questions about books (patterned after movie theaters' trivia questions shown before previews start)
  • Twitter character quotes (140 characters or less!)
  • student book recommendations

Save the slideshows as a JPEG format. This will create individual pictures of your slides that can be displayed on a digital picture frame. Show it off on your desk or a book case. I provide my student service learners with this sheet of instructions to get them started:

Where can I find ready-made reading/book related jpegs?

Educators are busier than ever today, doing more with less in this budget-strangling economic climate. Creating these jpegs is fun, but when you don't have the time and want to switch up what is playing on your digital photo frame, look for copyright friendly images you can download.

  • These are a few playing on our Circ Desk digital frame now. Students combined Wordles based on books with cover images from Follett Destiny's Title Peek on PowerPoint slides. Feel free to download and use.


Where can I learn more?

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