What are they?

The cliche "There's an app for that" applies to books, too. Not only are there apps for specific readers like the Kindle and Nook, but publishers are using apps to provide readers with interactive experiences.

The apps covered here are NOT books themselves, rather they have been created to extend the experience of reading.

How can they be used to promote reading?

If your library has iPod Touches or iPads, you can load these free apps onto them. Once a student finishes reading a book that has an app, let him/her explore the app.


Free Apps: iTunes

The following apps are available through iTunes. You can read more about each by clicking on its image below.

Hunger Games


Maximum Ride


This free app for Apple mobile devices gives users an opportunity to get up close and personal with the stars of the Maximum Ride series. I was intrigued by the promise of taking my picture with Fang so installed the app on my iPhone. The quality of the photo leaves a lot to be desired, but the whole idea looks promising.

Alex Rider


This free app "transforms your iPhone or iPod Touch into the ultimate M16 covert weapon." (iTunes,


Besides cool tools, this app also contains excerpts from all nine books in the series and trailers.



Fans of Carrie Jones's series about pixies will want to check out this free app.



This free app includes a trivia game, timeline, and excerpts from the books.

Skeleton Creek


And one more from this series:




Goodreads is one of the largest social networks for books and the only one of the big three (Goodreads, Shelfari, and LibraryThing) that offers a mobile app at this point.

And There's One for School Librarians!!! (It is awesome.)



If you are like me, when you visit bookstores, you're always on the prowl for new books that will entice your students to read. I used to pull out the little notebook I carry in my purse and scribble titles and authors. Now? I open the Titlewave app and scan books' ISBNs. I am taken to the Titlewave record for that book so that I can read reviews AND add it to a list if I so desire. How awesome is that?


Kirkus Reviews' iPad Book Apps