What are they?


QR codes are two dimensional barcodes created to be read with dedicated QR Code Readers. The code can contain text, a URL, or other data. (Wikipedia)

What do you use to create and read them?

QR Code Generators

Kaywa Create QR Codes in a snap! Choose from URL, text, phone number, and SMS.

Free QR Code Generator Create a QR Code in 3 easy steps. Types: text, SMS, URL, browser bookmark, email adddress, geo location and map, and others.

QReate and Track Create QR Codes that display URLs, email addresses, phone numbers, plain text, business cards, and scheduled events.

QR Code Reader Applications

Reader apps vary by device. I use I-nigma which is available in the iTunes Apps store.


Mobile-Barcodes QR Code Readers You can scan the list of phones that support QR Code Readers and then locate the app you wish to use.

You can also use a webcam and software to read QR codes.

DANSL Interactive Creativity provides DesktopQR Code Reader as a free download.

How can I use them to promote reading?

Where can I learn more?

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