What are they?

These websites are interactive databases that generate book recommendations depending upon the user's input.

How can I use them to promote reading?

Introduce students to one site at a time and demonstrate how to use the site. Ask students to suggest book titles for you to input. Then give students the opportunity to use the site themselves.

  1. Your Next Read


Type in the title of one of your favorite books and then check the results based on that title.
Click on the title of the book you were indicating, and you will be taken to a screen with 8 suggested titles that are similar in some way to the title you chose.


Notice that this particular site is powered by Amazon and includes reviews of the book in the middle of the web. Click on any book cover to move it to the center of the web and get more information on it.

Not pleased with any books that turned up? Click on "More Books" at the bottom of the screen to refresh your results.

2. Books and Authors (on SC DISCUS)


Books and Authors offers a unique way to browse for books: Who? What? When? and Where? as well as a Read-Alike Wizard.

Demonstrate how the students can use the Who? What? When? and Where? browsing method to pinpoint books they would find interesting.


Notice that as you specify items in each category, a Venn Diagram will appear. In the example above, when I hovered my mouse over the intersection of the three categories, the number 147 appeared. If I click on that number, then I am given a list of those titles.

Where can I learn more?